Family pictures are the heart and soul of what we do here.   Keller Photography's main goal is to make each session unique, fun, and laid back.  You will never be crammed in a room, and rushed through a photo shoot again!

Senior sessions begin as early as June, and are currently underway! Email us if you are interested in becoming a Keller-photo Senior and sharing your photographs with all your friends!!!

5 Tips for successful wedding days!


1. Brides! bring comfortable shoes close to the same height as your nice shoes.  Trade out whenever you want!


2. Hydrate all day long! bring plenty of water to keep you from getting tired!

3.  Extra black socks are key for

 groomsmen who forget last minute.


4.  Don't answer the phone! Find someone to help you and be a buffer between you and all the questions.


5.  Remember that this is supposed to be a fun day, and at the end of it all, you will be happily married!!

 (oh , and you get presents!)

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